A positive, motivational, insightful, confidence building experience for young adults

This programme is aimed at young adults between 16 and 25 years old, who would benefit from establishing greater self awareness and appreciation of all that they are. It aims to enable them to improve their understanding of self and their behavioural preferences. Participants are supported and guided to be able to make sense of the insights, identify and further develop their personal brand stories and enhance their communication style.

It is ideally suited to young adults who are in year 12 and preparing for university applications and interviews or post year 13.

The programme consists of 6 phases completed over a 2-9 month period, depending on the needs of the participant. The phases follow an established process, however each experience will be bespoke. Participants will receive written reports for each psychometric, a personal journal and relevant reading materials

The programme is completely confidential. The coachee will be encouraged to discuss learnings with their parent/teacher and will only involve Jo Wright if agreed by the coachee.

16 year old male (2018)

I am thrilled to have been part of Jo’s programme about branding myself positively and effectively during the course of the last few months.  It has been an enjoyable and highly beneficial use of my time as it is so important to be able to not only brand myself as a person but also know more about the psychology and thinking behind my actions. Jo is very easy to work with and she acted very professionally to bring out the best in me.  The course is presented in a clear and concise way with Jo knowing very in-depth knowledge regarding her ideas and presentations. I would strongly recommend this opportunity to any young adult as I am sure it will be highly useful in preparation for interviews.  Looking back prior to the start of the programme, I do not know how I would have been able to even start describing myself.  Thank you Jo.

Parent of year 6 male (2019)

At a stressful time with little notice of the interview Jo juggled her diary to see our son who felt much more prepared. The way Jo structured the coaching so that our son felt he had plenty to say about himself and could lead the interview was nothing less than remarkable.Jo offers a unique service and tailors the coaching to the needs of the individual child. How many 10 year olds have the experience of an interview and Jo’s preparation makes the whole thing seem less daunting. At a time where entrance exams and interviews are required for many of the selective schools, Jo offers a service which helped our son with his confidence and made him feel that he had enough to offer the school to be worthy of a place.

Parent of 17 year female (2020)

This course has dramatically improved my daughter’s self awareness and she has already put her understanding of non-verbal communication to good use in a number of situations. Jo’s passion for developing young people has been highly motivational for my daughter and has really helped her to identify and believe in her strengths. I can see the lessons learnt and tools she has been given through the Young Adult Coaching Programme will help her to continue to grow.