Unique level of energy, passion and sense of momentum


I have known Jo personally for more than 15 years, worked with her as a colleague during her career at Diageo and participated alongside her at a coaching development programme at Henley Business School.

Jo combines a unique level of energy, passion and sense of momentum with a deep insight into and genuine empathy for her fellow human beings. In a corporate environment I have seen her lead several very successful team development events and develop a transformational strategy for organisational resourcing which became a critical component of the development of the then new Diageo organisation. The combination of a strategic approach and the practical, down to earth ability to get things done were crucial to the success of her career at Diageo.

I had the opportunity to share experiences with Jo as she developed and practiced her skills as a coach. I also had the opportunity to select Jo as a coach  to help me address a very sensitive issue. I chose Jo because I was confident that her openness and empathy would encourage me to address the situation fully and her steely determination would ensure that I remained motivated to take action. I have been very pleased with the progress I have made supported by Jo’s coaching and I would recommend her as a skilled and caring coach who will get to the heart of the issues and who will have the heart to support the individuals to resolve the challenges they want to address.

I would strongly endorse Jo’s capabilities as an HR professional in the corporate world and as a coach who will make a positive difference to individuals who are open to coaching.

Gerry O Hagen, Operations Excellence Director, Diageo