A natural coach, …a good listener and… enables the coachee to follow their own journey of discovery.


Jo and I have known each other for 20 years, initially through working together at Diageo and since then has acted as a coach to me.

Jo is very experienced in all aspects of HR and has done some fantastic work in talent, leadership and change.  I consider Jo to be a natural coach, she is a good listener and is able to effectively hold up the mirror in a way that enables the coachee to follow their own journey of discovery.  She is challenging and thought provoking where appropriate and can also recognise when to ease off and create space in the conversation.

My experience of Jo both personally and observing the positive impact she had in Diageo, demonstrates to me her ability to build strong relationships quickly, an ability to unearth underlying motivations and a sound understanding of human behaviour   She is a trusted confidante who is focused on helping the coachee to achieve their objectives and ultimately their potential.  Jo is able to maintain focus on the agreed objectives and purpose of coaching as well as creating the space to explore.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo as a coach as well as her expertise in developing team and organisation performance.

Jennifer Morris, Global Talent Director , Diageo