Offering pragmatic, experiential and supportive coaching enabling individuals to develop awareness, insights and choice.

Jo often works with people at a critical point of inflection in their career.  They may be aspiring to more responsibility with their current employer, or looking to make a radical change.  They may have a clear idea of what they want to do, and be simply looking for additional guidance, or they may be looking for longer term support to help them work towards their goals.

Jo uses tried and trusted coaching methods combined with a creative flair to encourage clients to think about themselves in a different way and challenge their self-beliefs. All sessions are totally confidential, so clients can feel comfortable and able to express themselves freely to enjoy a rich learning experience. Jo listens, encourages and inspires her clients to find the space to think and explore. While this can often lead to surprising outcomes, ultimately it creates sustainable benefits both in work performance and well-being.

This is a bespoke coaching programme spread over a nine to twelve month duration and based around a core of 7 phases which will comprise psychometrics and a combination of coaching interventions.

Executive Coaching for Growth

What People Say about Individual Coaching for Growth

“Jo has done some fantastic work in talent, leadership and change.  She is a natural coach, a good listener, holding up the mirror in a way that supports your journey of discovery.  She is challenging and thought provoking where appropriate and knows when to ease off and create space in the conversation.”
Global Leader, Multinational FMCG.
“Jo builds strong relationships and unearths underlying motivations through a sound understanding of human behaviour. She is a trusted confidante who helps her clients to achieve their objectives and ultimately their potential.  I have no hesitation in recommending her.”
Global Leader, International Media.
“I was hesitant about coaching. In my role, I felt I should know what was required and resisted exploring coaching.  I chose Jo based on reputation.  We worked together to build my confidence and clarity about what can make me more effective. She enabled real change to happen through empathetic challenge and I would highly recommend her.”
CEO, International Services Organisation.
“I completed a coaching programme with Jo and am a different leader as a result. She listened and supported as well as challenged and stretched me. She is very creative and finds different ways to “dislocate thinking”. This has been energizing and hard work at times! I have worked with other coaches in my career but there is something very different about Jo and that’s a good thing!”
Global Leader, International Biotech.